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Get to know the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship! The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to building a learning community around students starting and joining ventures that make an impact. 

Deming Center LogoIn October 2021, The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship celebrated an impressive win at the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) conference! The center was awarded for its Exceptional Activities in Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines among the top entrepreneurship centers in the world.

The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship hosts a wide variety of programs, classes, and events available to students and community members. Find out how you can get involved below!

Apply to the Deming Center's Programs

The undergraduate program at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship is consistently ranked among the top 20 nationally. Elevate your experience and exposure to startups through the Deming Center’s Certificate Program! Students with a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies have a unique set of experiences that demonstrates to employers a familiarity with innovation and comfort in small, adaptable teams. In addition, many students pursue building their own startups while enrolled in the Certificate program. 

The Deming High-Growth Venture Fellowship is a two-year program that immerses a select group of MBA candidates in academic and experiential learning. This MBA experience will provide knowledge, skills, and relationships that will enable students to join any startup or growing company and help them scale. The highly competitive program offers financial support in addition to master skills classes and a specialty mentor program. 

Attend an Event

The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship provides students and community members with a number of opportunities and resources to expand their entrepreneurial knowledge and network. 

Deming EventsStartups & Sandwiches is a recurring series that brings seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and tech leaders together with the best sandwiches the city of Boulder has to offer!  Each event provides students with a unique opportunity to meet and network with executives and founders alike, and participate in a presentation, challenge, or discussion facilitated by our guests. This event takes place multiple times per semester and serves as a wonderful opportunity for students. Check out the upcoming Startups & Sandwiches lineup here!

Now What? Advice & Answers from an Expert about your Idea or Startup allows students from all disciplines the chance to sit down one-on-one with a legal or general business expert. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions about their startup or how to get their idea off the ground—free of charge!

The Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop Series provides students with a professional who’s an expert in the field, to assist them from prototyping to marketing. Students can learn some of the skills they’ll need to set themselves apart when applying for jobs. 

The New Venture Challenge (NVC) connects the CU Boulder campus with the Boulder community to develop and fund innovative ideas. Participants attend year-round events, network, collaborate with mentors to refine their ideas, and form startup teams to pitch for up to $100K of funding at the NVC Championships! The registration for teams to compete in this year’s NVC has closed, however, community members are encouraged to watch and support NVC’s Climate, Female Founder, and Cross Campus Collaboration specialty prize nights!

Visit Deming’s New Space

Come visit the Deming Center’s brand new space, located in the new Rustandy building. If you find yourself grabbing a cup of coffee at the Gravity Cafe, walk over to KOBL 236 and say “hello” to the Deming team.

The new space is equipped with student collaboration spaces, desks, and private rooms for studying. Don’t forget to give belly rubs to the famous Deming pups, Khaya and Auggie! 

Advice from the Deming Team

The Deming team provides the following advice to current students,

"Always take ACTION! This bias towards action delivers the most impactful learning, growth, and fun." - Erick Mueller, Deming Center Executive Director

“College provides you with all the necessary tools to succeed, it’s important to take advantage of all the opportunities your school has to offer because you never know what it’ll lead to in the future!” - Mari Grodahl, Deming Center Student Marketing Intern

“The fear of making a mistake can prevent someone from taking a big risk towards their goals. We need to let go of this fear, as we can move past nearly every mistake. It’s not about the mistake itself, but about the actions afterward that truly matter.”  - Maddie Light, Deming Center Program Coordinator 

“Everyone in their life will have at least one million-dollar idea. Entrepreneurship is not about the million-dollar idea, rather what you do with it and how far you are willing to take it.” - Alex Catterson, Deming Center Student Ambassador

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