Published: June 22, 2018

MallFor the 2018 CU Graduate Real Estate Trek, we had the privilege of getting outside the comfort of the United States to explore the economy and the blossoming real estate market of both Chile and Argentina. Our first four days of the trip were spent in Santiago, Chile where we all had the unique opportunity to learn first-hand about how one of the hottest real estate markets in the hemisphere had become such an attractive investment location. In speaking with a head economist from the Banco De Chile, we were fascinated to understand how Chile has been able to counteract the effects of inflation that have run rampant throughout many South American economies. We were also impressed by how modern and progressive most of downtown Santiago looked and felt. Many students were apt to draw quick comparisons to the San Francisco or New York markets, which made sense given the nickname of modern Santiago is “Sanhatten.”

We were able to attend an alumni event hosted by former Leed’s graduates which featured prospective students as well as industry veterans sharing positive experiences about Leeds and the University of Colorado. While most of our time was consumed by presentations and meetings, we were also able to sample another staple of the Chilean economy- the wine. On our final day, we had the good fortune to tour the Cousino Macul vineyard and learn a thing or two about wine tasting. Overall, the Chile portion of the trip opened up our eyes to a unique culture and real estate market. It was obvious that the experience will continue to benefit our students in their careers both in and outside the United States.