Published: Feb. 16, 2015
Marc Prisant and Heidi Heltzel

It has been an exciting start to the semester for the Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) Certificate Program within CESR. The program will graduate the largest class of students in the certificate’s history in May with 30 Leeds undergraduates completing the program. In addition, CESR was extremely fortunate to receive a gift in the form of a scholarship from Marc Prisant and Heidi Heltzel, specifically for SRE Certificate Students. The Marc Prisant and Heidi Heltzel Scholarship for Ethics and Social Responsibility will award two students who are actively pursuing the SRE Certificate $5,000 each annually. It is their intention that this annual scholarship will grow over time and, subsequently, be a part of their legacy to the Leeds School of Business.

Although neither Prisant nor Heltzel attended the University of Colorado, through their close friendship with Michael Leeds, they learned about the work being done at CESR and were impressed by the focus on ethics and social responsibility. Prisant and Heltzel have been guided in their own lives and careers by the same values as CESR, and with this gift they hope to attract future generations of students to the business school and CESR. CESR is truly grateful for the wonderful opportunity to support students interested in pursuing socially responsible business.

Current Leeds students who are pursuing the SRE Certificate should apply for the Marc Prisant and Heidi Heltzel Scholarship for Ethics and Social Responsibility through the general Leeds Scholarships Application by March 2, 2015. Students can learn more about the SRE Certificate here.

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