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Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics

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Tracy Jennings is a senior instructor and teaching professor in the Management and Entrepreneurship Division at CU where she teaches undergraduate courses. She holds a degree in Religion from Williams College, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and an MBA, both from the University of Denver. Dr. Jennings began her career at IBM as a usability specialist. Later she took on New Product Development leadership roles at U S WEST and Yipes Communications, focusing on internet services development.

As a Senior Instructor of management, she teaches Employee Relations, Individual, Team and Organization Development, Hiring and Retaining Human Resources, Compensation and Benefits, Organization Behavior, International Management, and Business Applications of Social Responsibility. In her courses, Jennings strives to highlight the importance of ethical concerns and decision making. Jennings has also taught both Organizational Behavior and Introduction to Psychology with the University of Colorado/Denver’s ICB program in Beijing, China. In 2013 she led a Global Seminar in Shanghai and Beijing.

Jennings is conducting research on eLearning to improve educational access. One potential outcome of this research is the identification of best practices that may be applied to improve educational access. In addition, she is looking at the benefits of using short videos to improve learning outcomes.

Jennings has been active in the local non-profit arena and has served as the President of both the Board of Directors of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Board of Trustees at the Mental Health Center serving Boulder and Broomfield Counties. More recently, she provided human resources expertise to the Musana Children’s Home, on-site, in Uganda. In addition, she serves as faculty advisor for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) club and the CU GLBT Leaders Alliance at CU.

Jennings won the Joseph L. Frascona Teaching Excellence Award in 2013.


  • Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, University of Denver
  • MBA, University of Denver
  • BA, Williams College