IBC Vision:
The International Business Club helps to prepare students for success within international business.

IBC Mission:
The International Business Club provides its members with international business opportunities by exposing students to speakers, experiences, tools, and information from the international business world.

IBC Values:
Cultural diversity, global mindset, international experience

IBC Main events:
Fall: International Business Panel
Spring: International Business Etiquette Dinner

Meetings: the IBC meets every other week (every week if you are part of the board). During meetings you will have a chance to meet with speakers who have international business experience, participate to workshops focused on international careers, apply for international internships, learn more about study abroad programs, , share your experience, and, more importantly make your personal contribution to the club through one of the many opportunities that the club offers.

Opportunities: leadership positions are always offered depending on needs of the club and background of their members. These experienced have been proved to be very beneficial to students who have joined the club (jobs, internships, and international accomplishments).

With students that are at CU from abroad and the United States, the International Business Club understands social and business practices from cultures throughout the world through guest speakers and dinners. The goal of the International Business Club is for students to understand how they must adapt to different cultures that they might be exposed to in conducting business and events that are going on around the world.


There are many leadership roles available through the International Business Club including: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Marketing Officer of which each is assigned tasks.


Attendance is required to be a member because the International Business Club wants to develop a reliable club filled with active members who care about the club.




  • Contact us for more information about meeting times and location.

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