We are a group that helps students network and communicate with Corporate Representatives from well-known companies with many opportunities for internships and full-time jobs. MBSA offers a variety of meetings every year ranging from corporate, leadership, and team building. It is a great place to meet many other students who share the same interest and to build a community within the Business School. MBSA provides an opportunity to students to run for leadership positions in order to develop their soft skills, leadership skills, and organization skills. We are a great resume builder, network builder, as well as a great place to meet some new friends and study buddies.

Application Process

To join MBSA, plan on attending a meeting and sign up on the attendance sheets. MBSA will then add the new club member to their email list. MBSA then encourages everyone to add their group on Facebook to receive updates and meeting announcements weekly. MBSA is always looking for more students to join.




  • Contact us for more information about meeting times and location.