The charter of the the MBA Association (MBAA) is to maximize the student's experience during their time in the MBA program. The MBAA acts in two distinct ways: 1) as a conduit between the administration, faculty, and MBA students and 2) as a facilitator of extracurricular activities and clubs - both in an effort to fulfill its charter. The MBAA is a group of full-time, 2nd-year MBA students elected during their first year to represent the MBA cohort at large. 

The MBAA is comprised of two core areas: the Executive Committee and Club Leadership.

The Executive Committee manages day-to-day operations of the MBAA and oversees Club Leadership. It consists of the President, Treasurer, VP of Communications, VP of Alumni Relations, VP of Employer Relations, VP of Community Relations, VP of Diversity, and VP of Social Activities.

The Club Leadership, which develops and implements all MBA club programming events, is a group of individuals elected as president of each MBA club. These clubs include: Applied Data Science Club, Finance Club, Graduate Real Estate Association (GREA), Leeds Entrepreneurs Alliance (LEAP), Leeds Outdoor Industry Club (LOIC), Leeds Social Impact Consultant (LSIC), Marketing Club, Women in Business, Net Impact Club, Organics and Naturals Club, Supply Chain Club, and Veterans Club.



Chris Chandler


Keelyn Osoba

VP Communications

Joelle Trubowitz

VP of Alumni Relations

Eliza Grace

VP Employer Relations

Dylan Leigh

VP Curricular Affairs Mary Boling

VP Student Fellowship

Sam Downey

VP of Community Outreach

Brooke Oberhaus

VP of Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (JEDI)

Bejamin Burney

VP of Sustainability Rachel Saidman