The Deming Center Venture Fund (DCVF) supports emerging companies in Boulder and surrounding communities. The Fund is managed by Leeds MBA and Colorado Law School students. Student team members benefit from the guidance of an experienced advisory board that includes University faculty and local leaders in venture capital and angel investing.

Our Investment Thesis

The DCVF focuses on investments in the "funding gap" providing financial support that early-stage companies often require to develop and test new products and technologies. The Fund is well positioned to invest without a partner, and, where appropriate, is capable of leveraging strong relationships with local angel investors to make co-investments. Although investment size will vary greatly, the median capital investment of the Fund is targeted at a range of $20,000 to $25,000. A co-invested round could total significantly more than the target median.

How Do We Add Value to Your Organization?

The Fund is designed to provide substantial additional value beyond its capital investment. Student managers work closely with portfolio companies to provide ongoing support and guidance through subsequent rounds of investing. In addition, portfolio companies have at their disposal many of the broader resources of the University of Colorado. Investment by the DCVF can also provide credibility and a solid platform for constructive interactions with venture capital funds, angel investors, faculty, alumni, industry professionals, and other entrepreneurs in the community. The Fund strives to be exceptionally entrepreneur-focused. It recognizes that a positive student experience is closely associated with a positive entrepreneur experience.

It's All About the Student Experience

  • Identify investment opportunities through research and networking with entrepreneurs, industry partners, and angel investors in the CU and Front Range communities
  • Analyze potential deals to select the best investment prospects
  • Meet with company founders to negotiate terms of the investment
  • Execute the deal, finalizing terms, preparing documents, and closing the transaction
  • Monitor the performance of the investment and work with portfolio companies to enhance equity value
  • Maintain strong partnerships with portfolio companies through investment exit