The Leeds Investment & Trading Group is a student-led organization dedicated to cultivating a group of intellectually curious students equipped with both the critical and creative aptitude to participate in financial markets. In congruence with this mission, LITG promotes widespread financial literacy among its members, from all interdisciplinary backgrounds, by providing a unique forum in which members can freely learn, discuss, and debate global market trends and investing opportunities. Additionally, the club coordinates events using online trading simulators to allow members to engage in friendly investment competitions, thereby providing its members with both the fellowship and real world investing expertise that we hope will manifest into prudent investments and career decisions.


The primary goal of the LITG is to enhance the educational experience and to serve as an applied learning vehicle for its members. Irrespective of students’ intended academic paths, creating a greater understanding of investment strategies and financial market structures is universally beneficial. We want to provide any student with a strong foundation in the functioning of the capital markets. 

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