Raj Teja Chitturi at Microsoft

Summer Internship Spotlight - Raj Teja Chitturi at Microsoft

Aug. 17, 2018

Hello!! I am Raj and I am focusing on Marketing and Finance . I am an international student, hailing from India. I moved to the states last August for grad school and it has been a great adventure, both in school (Go BDFH!**) and at my internship. At Microsoft HQ!...

Kate Wren MBA intern at Spotify

Summer Internship Spotlight - Kate Wren at Spotify

Aug. 15, 2018

Greetings from the Big Apple! Celebrating NYC Pride with Spotify interns (Kate pictured on the top right) Hey there! During the summer in between my first and second year of studying to get my MBA at the University of Colorado , I secured an MBA internship at Spotify in Global...

Kendall Carroll and other NetApp interns

Summer Internship Spotlight - Kendall Carroll, Product Marketing at NetApp (Boulder)

Aug. 9, 2018

Growing up, I learned fairly quickly that TV does not perfectly reflect real life. Grad school for me hasn’t been much like it was for Elle Woods - where are the video essays? So, when I landed an internship at a high tech company, I was surprised to find that...

Brandon Schaefer and team at the Entrepreneur Resource Fair in Denver, Colorado

Summer Internship Spotlight: Brandon Schaefer at Entrepreneurial Solutions

Aug. 7, 2018

Hi, I'm Brandon Schaefer. In previous lives I was a professional poker player and an Army Blackhawk pilot , and now I'm a 2nd year MBA at Leeds . My focus is on Entrepreneurship and Sustainability but I'm really enjoying learning about consulting this summer. I'm a principal consultant for...

MBA student experience

Summer Internship Spotlight: Samantha Cotlov at DanoneWave

July 31, 2018

I’m focusing my MBA on marketing , with an emphasis on the brand management side. I come from the advertising world and decided to pursue an MBA to help switch over from the agency side to the client side. MBA and undergrad interns volunteer day This summer, I’m working for...

MBA internship Leeds School of Business

Summer Internship Spotlight: Cory Johnson at Seneca Capital Partners

July 31, 2018

Cory (center) and crew, and dogs Internship Information Company: Seneca Capital Partners Title: Analyst Location: RiNo neighborhood of Denver. The office is in a shared workspace called INDUSTRY . My responsibility is to analyze potential real estate acquisitions. Seneca Capital is a private equity firm that is investing in mobile...

MBA Blog Leeds School of Business

Summer Internship Spotlight: Will Dolenshek at Silverwest Hotels, LLC

July 31, 2018

I sought out the CU MBA program because of its fantastic Graduate Real Estate Center that offers a specialized real estate track for anyone looking to make a career in real estate investment and development. After my first year, the CU Real Estate Center has not disappointed – offering numerous...

Cisco Interns at HQ

Summer Internship Spotlight: Nicole Esplin at Cisco

July 23, 2018

Cisco MBA Interns (Nicole second from right) visiting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA In an interview with the prominent Indian publication YourStory , Cisco CMO Karen Walker said, “In work and life, learn how to delegate… And if someone offers help, sure as heck I’m going to...

MBA Blog -

Summer Internship Spotlight: Kristina Krone at East West Partners

July 18, 2018

What are you specializing in for your MBA at CU? Real Estate What are you doing this summer? I am interning at East West Partners (EWP), a real estate development company with a focus on urban development in Denver, and resort development at various ski resorts, Kauai, and South Carolina...

MBA Blog

Summer Internship Spotlight: Carlos Pena at Avivar Capital

July 16, 2018

This summer I’m working as a Summer Associate at Avivar Capital , a Los Angeles-based SEC registered investment advisory firm focused on managing impact investment portfolios and developing impact-driven funds on behalf of clients. As an associate, I conduct financial analysis and research to help foundations and institutional investors effectively...