Stephen Billings Article

Harsh School Discipline May Lead Kids to Prison Outcome

Oct. 4, 2019

New research from Leeds Associate Professor Stephen Billings and coauthors from Harvard’s Kennedy School finds that students attending stricter middle schools are more likely to end up incarcerated later in life. Their paper “The School to Prison Pipeline: Long-Run Impacts of School Suspensions on Adult Crime” estimates the net impact...

Image of a building interior to represent David Drake's work in sustainable building education

Assistant Professor David Drake Receives the 2018 Page Prize for Excellence in Business Sustainability Education

Aug. 13, 2019

Leeds’ Assistant Professor of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations David Drake and colleagues Andre Calmon and Jackie Stenson (both of INSEAD), recently won the prestigious 2018 Page Prize for Excellence in Business Sustainability Education for a course they co-designed while Drake was visiting INSEAD business school last year. Giving students the...

Stefanie Johnson research

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Is on the Decline Post #MeToo, New Research Suggests

July 17, 2019

New research from Leeds’ leadership authority and Associate Professor of Management Stefanie Johnson and Ksenia Keplinger, a research associate, along with two Leeds doctoral candidates Jessica Kirk and Liza Barnes, found that in the wake of the #MeToo era, workplace sexual harassment has decreased. However, gender harassment has increased. Importantly,...

Voplone research

How Compassion Changes the Game for Working Mothers

June 22, 2019

Plenty of well-meaning employers support working mothers with legal protections and accommodations. But it takes more than that, says Sabrina Volpone, assistant professor of organizational leadership at the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business. In order for mothers to succeed at work, company policies are necessary but not sufficient...

Billings Research

Early-Life Interventions Show Lasting Positive Impact for Lead-Exposed Children

June 13, 2019

Leeds Associate Professor of Real Estate Stephen Billings was recently highlighted in Quartz as conducting one of the most influential economics papers in 2018. His paper titled “ Life After Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead ,” coauthored by Simon Fraser University’s Kevin Schnepel and published...

TAMUGA Rankings

Leeds Management Faculty Rank High Among Elite Schools in 2018 TAMUGA Rankings

April 8, 2019

The TAMUGA Rankings, a collaboration out of Texas A&M and the University of Georgia, placed Leeds management faculty alongside elite business schools including Purdue, Columbia, Ohio State, among others. For Leeds, this includes our research faculty in the areas of Organizational Leadership, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. The TAMUGA Rankings track productivity...

Leeds News

Research Shows That Attractive Business Women are Viewed as Dangerous in the Workforce

March 26, 2019

Attractive women can be perceived as dangerous in the business world due to a “femme fatale effect,” according to new research by the Leeds School of Business and Washington State University. This effect results in attractive businesswomen being seen as less trustworthy, less truthful, and more dispensable from their jobs...

Meg Campbell

Provost Professor of Marketing Meg Campbell receives Honorable Mention for the C.W. Park Award for Outstanding Contribution

March 7, 2019

Leeds' Provost Professor of Marketing Meg Campbell and her three coauthors, Kenneth Manning and Hannah Manning from Colorado State University and Bridget Leonard from Purdue-Fort Wayne University, recently received honorable mention for the C.W. Park Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Journal for Consumer Psychology . The award, named donor...

Phil Fernbach GMO research

Perception matters in scientific debates around genetically modified foods, according to new research

Jan. 14, 2019

Despite the fact that broadly among scientists genetically modified (GM) foods are generally recognized as safe to consume—and actually have potential to benefit us—there are still strong opponents to their use. Leeds Assistant Professor of Marketing Philip M. Fernbach and Leeds PhD candidate Nicholas Light, in collaboration with additional researchers...

Leeds faculty member Phil Fernbach

Assistant Professor of Marketing Phil Fernbach wins 2018 ACR Early Career Award

Nov. 19, 2018

The Association for Consumer Research (ACR) announced Leeds professor, Phil Fernbach, as the recipient of their 2018 ACR Early Career Award for his influential work in the field of consumer research, adjacent disciplines, and public discourse at their annual conference in October. “The Early Career Award recipient is awarded for...