With an ever changing and increasingly complex global business landscape, the Division of Business Ethics and Social Impact (BESI) was created to challenge future values-driven leaders to conduct business with ethical, environmental, social and economic initiatives.

BESI students are challenged to discover and explore their understanding of the role of business in addressing global issues and along with critical thinking, apply that understanding through experiential learning to different business, economic, social and environmental situations.  BESI students will also learn about business ethics and culture, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and diversity and the impact these areas can have to influence positive change in the world.

Students who take BESI courses will be equipped to take on key leadership roles in a business world that requires teamwork, diversity and social responsibility.

Business Ethics and Social Impact students can participate in the follow programs / courses:

Leadership Track 

Co-sponsored by the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) and the Division of Business Ethics and Social Impact (BESI), the purpose of the Leadership Track is to equip students with a foundation of leadership theory and then teach them to apply essential leadership skills and competencies

SRE Certificate

Earning the SRE Certificate demonstrates focused study and experience in the fields of social responsibility, sustainability, values-based leadership and social innovation. Undergraduate Leeds students who complete the certificate distinguish them as professionals who strive to use the tools of business to make a positive social impact. 

Other CESR courses

BCOR 1015 – World of Business
CESR 4000/4001 – Leadership Challenges
CESR 4005 – Business Solutions for the Developing World
CESR 4130 – Sustainable Operations
CESR/MGMT 4430 – Corporate Boards in Action
CESR/ACCT 4827/5827 – Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies