Strategy & Entrepreneurship

The Strategy and Entrepreneurship PhD program gives students an opportunity to work with renowned scholars in state-of-the-art research on firm strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Faculty and PhD students draw upon multiple disciplinary perspectives to explore issues of Competitive Strategy:

  • Competitive strategy: how firms gain and sustain a performance advantage
  • Corporate strategy: what is the scope of the firm and how do they make decisions on acquisitions, alliances and internalization
  • Innovation: how firms acquire, develop and renew knowledge assets to survive and grow in dynamic markets
  • Entrepreneurship: how individuals recognize and exploit opportunities by developing new organizations such as startups, spinouts or social ventures

Operations Management

The Operations Management PhD program prepares you to pursue an academic career as a researcher and educator. Faculty research interests range from quantitative modeling to empirical studies using tools from operations research, mathematical programming, artificial intelligence, econometrics and economics. Topics include pricing and revenue management, supply chain management, logistics, healthcare and so on.

The smaller size of the program affords each student extensive interaction with faculty members. It also allows the program to be tailored to each student’s interests.

Additional information about our faculty can be found here

General details about the curriculum, requirements, and structure of the program can be found here. Please be aware this document is not an exhaustive list of the requirements for the Program.

How to Apply

PhD in SEO Program Flyer

* In Fall 2018 OBIS and SEO areas of study will replace SOES, Operations, and Information Systems areas of study.

PhD Graduates' Publications