The CU Diverse Doctorates in Business program is an effort by business schools at CU-Boulder, UC-Denver, and UCCS to encourage diverse undergraduate and masters students from all disciplines to consider a career as a business school professor and plug into faculty research to pave the way to application to top PhD programs.

We invite you to apply for the CU Diverse Doctorates in Business (DDB) Program and the deadline to apply is Friday, Nov. 18, 2022.

Apply Here

Come to the introductory session on November 30, 2022!


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

4:45-6:15 p.m.

Session will be live at Koelbel 303. (Please email Stefanie Ungphakorn if you need a zoom option.)

Fill out the application survey link to RSVP and for a personalized experience in the November 30th kickoff session and beyond.


Participants will have the opportunity to: Learn about doctoral-level research; obtain advice about graduate school opportunities and gain insights on the application process; discuss academic careers in research and teaching.


Ideal candidates for DDB scholars are current undergraduate or graduate students in any discipline with strong quantitative skills and academic records. CU strongly encourages applications from women and under-represented groups, as well as from others whose backgrounds and experience would bring additional dimensions to the educational experience.

What’s in it for me?

Chances are you have never considered a doctorate and becoming a business school faculty member.  If you are smart, creative, hard-working, and good with math, you should! Being a professor is rated one of the best professions in the US. You have significant autonomy to choose the focus of your research and teaching.  Being a business school professor is particularly attractive.  At a time where some states have a decreasing number of college aged students, demand for business majors is expanding.  Compared to faculty in related fields, there is a robust job market with high salaries and substantial career flexibility.  Moreover, doctoral programs in business schools are fully funded, covering students’ tuition and providing a stipend.

The work is inherently interesting and rewarding. In business schools, students learn facts and concepts to understand those facts that come primarily from academic research by business school faculty. Business school research and teaching influences business, public policy, and society.

Why the emphasis on diversity?

To have truly inclusive business school programs for an increasingly diverse student body, students of color should be able to see themselves in the faculty.  Nationally, however, just 4% of U.S. business school professors are Black Americans, Latinx Americans, or Native Americans and most tenured faculty are Caucasian males. We see that as a problem, and conversations on campus reflect a desire for change. This CU Diverse Doctorates in Business program is an effort to encourage more of the best and brightest diverse undergraduate students in the University of Colorado system to choose to be a part of the solution by choosing careers as business professors.  

What do I need to do to attend? 

Fill out the application survey link and tell us a little about yourself so we an provide a personalized experience in the November 30th kickoff session and beyond.