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Watch the Dean's video to learn more about what has inspired Dean Matusik’s 14 years of teaching and leadership at Leeds, and what she is doing to take the school to the next level of success in business education.

Dean's Message

As I reflect on my role as the 14th Dean of Leeds and on the state of higher education in business generally, I am filled with great optimism about our future. We are in interesting times for business education. Technology and data continue to disrupt and reshape industry after industry. Social, political and economic changes are great.  READ MORE >

Mission, Vision & Goals

Leeds differentiates itself by having the powerful combination of top academic leaders from around the globe, deep partnerships with our world-class business community that is also committed to producing next-generation business leaders and knowledge, and a university committed to facilitating strong cross campus partnerships. READ MORE >

Business + Engineering

The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the most-cited universities in the world, boasting five Nobel Prize-winning faculty members over the past three decades. CU Boulder’s world-class academic excellence extends across many parts of the university, ranging from business to engineering, medicine, humanities and the sciences. READ MORE >

Career Impact

Today’s business landscape features an accelerating rate of technological advances, increasing interconnectivity and interdependencies, and expanded diversity of many kinds. The stakes for navigating this environment are high for established companies, growing ventures and employees alike. READ MORE >

End the Gap

More women in leadership is good business. Research indicates that firms achieve greater innovation and stronger financial performance with more women on their leadership teams, yet women represent only about 15 percent of corporate executives and board members, and only 5 percent of CEOs (CNN Money). READ MORE >

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