Preparing Students
for Industry 4.0

The new Office of Career Strategy
takes a forward-looking approach.

The Fourth Industrial
Revolution is here.

New technologies are fusing the physical and digital worlds and disrupting all disciplines, economies and industries. As the technological revolution moves at unprecedented speed, Leeds is priming students for the modern workplace and jobs that don’t exist yet.

At Leeds’ new Office of Career Strategy (formerly known as Career Services) students get more than résumé templates and mock interviews. The reinvented career office prepares students to be future-ready. They must be adaptable and agile, armed with a global perspective and technical skills. With a full suite of action-learning opportunities to choose from, students can grow into modern professionals equipped to navigate a shifting landscape.

This experiential approach to career development empowers students to design their own career journey—with personalized guidance toward the experiences, connections and skills-development they need—not just for their first job, but for longterm career success.


Published: Oct. 15, 2020