Published: March 7, 2024 By

Bestowed with a prestigious award from the AMA, Professor Barasch wins acclaim as both a mentor and a pioneer in the field of marketing.

Leeds’ professor Alix Barasch was awarded the distinguished 2024 Erin Anderson Award for an Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor last month at the 2024 AMA Winter Academic Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

The annual award recognizes a female marketing scholar who is anticipated to become a leading marketing academic in the mold of Erin Anderson, a widely respected mentor and scholar whose research made significant contributions to the marketing discipline.

In 2023, Barasch won the Early Career Award from the Association for Consumer Research and was selected as a Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar in 2021.

She is well known for her studies of how new technologies are fundamentally reshaping consumer behavior and well-being. Her research has been published in top journals in marketing and psychology, and her work is regularly featured in global media outlets such as the New York Times, The Atlantic, Time, Washington Post, Fast Company, Wired and NPR.

Get her take on the award and hear from colleagues who’ve seen her impact firsthand.