Published: March 16, 2021

Leeds business professor discusses environmental entrepreneurship and climate change.


Jeff York, associate professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, is providing a hopeful perspective on the issue of climate change. Through a new Leeds video series, "Thinking Forward," York shares his research on environmental entrepreneurship as part of the climate crisis solution.  

“Climate change is potentially the greatest tragedy of our lifetime, and the time to act is rapidly passing us by,” said York. “Unfortunately, how to address it has become an extremely polarizing, politicized issue.”

The "Thinking Forward" videos share and summarize Leeds researchers’ work and its real-world impact. In York’s lecture, he addresses the complex environmental problems we face and how entrepreneurship can provide a hopeful lens for looking at these issues.

“Creating entrepreneurial solutions to address climate change is the single biggest economic opportunity that’s going to exist in my lifetime, and probably in yours as well,” said York.

In his research, York looks at how entrepreneurs see business opportunities that allow stakeholders to self-select in helping to solve climate change, regardless of political affiliations or cultural beliefs. His work also shows how entrepreneurship has led to a significant increase in a willingness to adopt LEED green building standards in several areas of different political leanings.

By supporting entrepreneurs that are building the products and services of the future, York believes we can effectively address climate change without having to make huge sacrifices.  

Watch this video to learn more about York’s environmental entrepreneurship insights, and stay tuned for the next "Thinking Forward" video on groundbreaking faculty research.