Published: March 4, 2021

Through his care and talented teaching efforts, Davies stood out as this year’s award recipient.

Shaun DaviesAn assistant professor of finance at Leeds, Shaun Davies demonstrates a level of support for his students that extends beyond everyday classroom teachings. He helps his students acquire the skills necessary for academic success and professional development, as well as for better life understanding. A talented and inspirational faculty member, Davies is this year’s Frascona Award recipient.  

At the end of every semester, Davies asks his students to consider two questions for the duration of their lives: “Who are you?” and “What are you doing here?” These questions, he says, relate to identity and purpose.

“For me, part of my purpose is being a good steward of what I have been given,” said Davies. “And, in my job at Leeds, I have been given the opportunity to teach incredible students. I work to give them a deep understanding of the material and also how it relates to bigger issues (yes, even derivative securities teach us something about life).”

Established in 1991 by the Falkenberg family, the Frascona Teaching Excellence Award honors the late Leeds Professor Emeritus Dr. Joseph L. Frascona. The award is intended to recognize teaching that motivates students to engage their minds and that goes beyond ‘textbook teaching.’ Having been profoundly impacted by Dr. Frascona, the Falkenberg family created the award in hopes that future Leeds faculty would carry on Frascona’s legacy of inspiring students and encouraging their intellectual and professional development. The recipient, chosen annually based off of nominations, receives a generous $10K award in recognition of their impact on Leeds students.

In their nominations for Davies, students expressed being inspired by his care and support for students’ careers and personal development. They remarked on the professor’s ability to motivate his students, his talent for translating and teaching complex financial concepts, and the overall stewardship of his students that he demonstrates.  

“I was both humbled and honored that former students nominated me,” said Davies. “It was a tremendous and slightly emotional surprise to find out I had won this award, and it was affirming to know that my efforts and care had not gone unnoticed by my students.”

Congratulations, Shaun Davies, and thank you for your exceptional work at Leeds!