Published: April 8, 2019

The TAMUGA Rankings, a collaboration out of Texas A&M and the University of Georgia, placed Leeds management faculty alongside elite business schools including Purdue, Columbia, Ohio State, among others. For Leeds, this includes our research faculty in the areas of Organizational Leadership, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. The TAMUGA Rankings track productivity by tenure-track Management faculty at U.S. business schools in eight top-tier Management journals, reflecting research productivity for calendar year 2018.

  • Leeds management per capita research was strong in over the last five years of the TAMUGA rankings, but improved greatly in 2018, jumping to #13 per capita and 18th overall. The per capita ranking is especially significant. Leeds’ faculty is smaller in size than many of the top-tier schools, which often number more than 20 members. Regardless our productivity is outstanding, both proportionately and overall.
  • In 2018, Leeds Management faculty’s overall research productivity was #18, up 9 spots from the 5-year total

The bottom line is that CU-Boulder’s management faculty “punch above their weight,” particularly as it pertains to research productivity. Leeds School of Business students have the opportunity to study management with some of the world’s leading experts who are simultaneously advancing cutting-edge management science.

View the full list of rankings here: