Published: Oct. 4, 2018

On October 5, at the Fall 2018 convocation, Leeds faculty members Ed Van Wesep and Phil Fernbach will be honored alongside their peers for their significant recent publications and creative contributions in the academic field. Both faculty members will be receiving a Provost’s Faculty Achievement Award, recognizing the accomplishments of promising junior faculty and recently-tenured professors respectively. 

Awards are granted based on the significance of a particular piece of research, scholarship and/or creative work that is reflective of the potential of the faculty recipient. Each year, the Office of Faculty Affairs issues a call for nominations and a list of eligible faculty. The Convocation Awards Committee reviews all nominations and then makes the final decisions on the award recipients. 

Ed Van Wesep, Associate Professor of Finance at Leeds, will be recognized for his article that recently appeared in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, “Do Economists Swing for the Fences after Tenure?” His article explores the claim about the benefits of tenure. His key finding – is that one is less likely to be productive and have high-impact research two years after receiving tenure. Professor Van Wesep is being honored with the award for Tenured Associate Professors. For more information on the article please see his website: 

Phil Fernbach, Marketing Professor at Leeds, will be recognized for his book, The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone, which recently selected as a New York Times Editors Pick. Professor Fernbach’s book explores how individuals are influenced by “fake news” and how it is nearly impossible to see ourselves accurately, as no one is immune to this effect. Fernbach highlights that those who are most extreme in their views often miscalibrate how much they truly know. Fernbach is being honored with the award for Pre-Tenure faculty. Please see Fernbach’s website to learn more about his work:

Both Phil and Ed serve as prominent examples of Leeds' nationally-recognized faculty and the high-impact research they produce.