Published: March 2, 2018
MS Blog

Over the last few years,  the Leeds School of Business has launched six  specialized graduate-level business programs, including a one-year Master’s in Finance, Real Estate, and Supply Chain Management, as well as MS degrees in Taxation and Accounting. 

With each passing year, student feedback continues to inform administrative decisions and hone program logistics to better serve each cohort.

One such change is the start date for the following programs: MS in Finance, MS in Real Estate, MS in Business Analytics and MS in Supply Chain Management. Finance and Real Estate will start with the formal academic year in August; Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management will start with Summer-B (July 10th for the 2018-19 academic year). Please visit the Registrar’s website for more information on the CU Boulder Academic Calendar.

How do these new start dates benefit students? For domestic students, the later start date allows for a break between the conclusion of their undergraduate programs and the beginning of their MS studies, which allows for summer employment or internships, and is particularly helpful for students moving to Colorado to pursue their MS degree. For international students, the later start date makes it logistically possible to attend Leeds’ MS programs, since many international programs conclude later in the summer months.

Michael Caplan, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, sees the changes in start dates as a positive step for the specialized masters programs. As Caplan notes, “The coursework remains rigorous, the teaching strong, and the program concludes in May, right in time for the job market.”