Published: Jan. 29, 2020 By

As second year MBAs continue to work through their final semester at Leeds, we came together to celebrate our MBA experience and share stories. MBAs reflected on the past year and a half as students, interns, TAs, and more.

The way Leeds sets up the MBA curriculum, first year students spend ample classroom and teamwork hours with their cohort. When core classes wrap up in the second year, students enroll in more courses in their focus areas, and therefore spend less time together as a cohort. With that in mind, the Second Year Summit provided a good opportunity to get back in touch with the whole class.

Also, it afforded a chance to consider where we all started back in August 2018 and where May 2020 will take us. John Helmers, the head of Career Management, mentioned some highlights from our time as a cohort, and reminded us to keep the future in mind with our career and networking goals. It was great to see everyone!