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At Leeds, MBA students are encouraged to explore and engage through thought-provoking classes, rousing networking events and myriad opportunities for hands-on experience. Unlike many other MBA programs who focus on MBA specializations or concentrations, we offer MBA Program Emphasis Areas, that do not silo or constrain our students into one specific track. We find that this approach creates more well-rounded and able graduates, ready to tackle an increasingly complex business world. This means that if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, but also love finance and marketing, you can take classes in all three areas. Looking to pursue sustainability in real estate? Go for it!

After beginning the program with a core class curriculum of corporate finance, accounting and marketing management, among others, students begin to customize their degree during the spring semester of their first year and throughout their entire second and final year of the MBA program.

But what if I want to earn my law degree concurrently with my MBA? Or build up my business acumen while sharpening my artistic talents with an MA in Theater and Dance? Well, you’re in luck because the Leeds School of Business offers 8 dual degree options with other highly–renowned graduate programs on the CU Boulder campus. Check out what a few dual degree students had to say about their experiences.

“The MA/MBA in Theatre and Performance Studies was a great opportunity for me to continue to develop my theatrical skills, while also training me to look through an analytical lens to see where creativity and efficiency can meet. Having been previously trained almost exclusively by artists, it was fun to bring in diverse perspectives and approach problems differently, which definitely kept classmates and faculty on their toes! An arts and business education will develop more well rounded professionals and a new generation of artists trained both creatively and analytically.” More on Erika's experience here.
-Erika Daun, MBA ‘18

“As someone interested in helping businesses solve their legal problems, I have appreciated the JD/MBA Law and Business Dual Degree Program at CU immensely. Coming to graduate school without extensive work experience or undergraduate-level business coursework, I enjoyed taking the core MBA classes at Leeds to build the sort of business acumen that will prepare me to assist clients when I go out into practice. I believe that the business principles I have learned make me a stronger candidate for positions in the corporate law realm than the average law student, who may lack an understanding of such concepts. Additionally, because Boulder has become an entrepreneurial hub, I believe that CU is the perfect place for a person with my interests to obtain a JD/MBA dual degree and take advantage of networking opportunities in both the business and legal communities throughout the Front Range area.”

-Josh Naftulin, JD/MBA ‘20