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MBA student ProfileNicole Jozwiak (MBA´20)
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Current MBA student, Nicole Jozwiak, shares how she found the Leeds School of Business and why this MBA program was only one she wanted.

LSOB: Tell us about your decision to get your MBA. What factors, motivations, etc. did you weigh?

NJ: I value education; it’s the best investment you can make in yourself. And I love learning. I always knew I wanted to do an MBA program, so I could be more well-rounded and get into management.  I also value the network of an MBA and wanted to meet people with the same interests and values as me.

LSOB: What was the scope of your search? Did you look at programs nationally, regionally, both?

NJ: I did so much research for my undergraduate program that I knew about some MBA programs already. Then, I visited Zion National Park in Utah and knew I wanted to move out west from Boston. So, I googled “best business school in Colorado,” and Leeds popped up. I checked out the Leeds website, and it seemed like the perfect fit. It was the only place I applied.

LSOB: Can you tell us more about why you chose Leeds, specifically?

NJ: I liked that it had a focus on social responsibility and entrepreneurship, and it has small classes, which would (and have) let me get to know everyone in my cohort. There is flexibility to take classes outside of the program also in subjects I’m interested in that relate to business. And, the MBA program seems to excite everyone in it.

LSOB: Tell us more about what you did you before graduate school.

I was working in Boston for about six years in the healthcare/tech industry, in sales and on the strategy side. I loved the city, but I wanted something a little more relaxed with more opportunities to get out in nature.

LSOB: What do you think of Boulder, Colorado?

NJ: As I mentioned, I was drawn to the location, all the things you can do outside, the beautiful nature—I can easily drive to the mountains. Plus, it’s such a foodie and artsy scene here, and the people are super friendly. It feels like a perfect mix between a big city and small town. And I love that there are so many startups here!  The more and more I get to know Boulder, the more I feel like the city was made for me!

LSOB: Tell me what you like about the MBA program at Leeds.

NJ: I love how collaborative and team-oriented Leeds is and that it is so entrepreneurial. I love being around that—the creative, passionate people—it’s such great energy. People are so nice, very inclusive. You can tell that the professors are happy to be here.

LSOB: What is your focus in the program?

NJ: I’m really interested in organizational behavior. Really, I want to build well-rounded skills for the future that will allow me flexibility in my future career. Right now, I am learning a lot about different types of roles within different companies/industries. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself so early in the program before learning about all options. 

LSOB: What are your future goals after completing your MBA?

NJ: I want to be able to do something completely unique to me. I’ll have the skills to find or create my niche somewhere in management, maybe HR. I am also thinking about real estate development or a product management role.