Published: Sept. 28, 2018

Leeds MBATo get into an MBA program, you’ll most likely have to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test and submit your test results to the schools at which you’re applying. These tests are important because they provide an indication of your potential ability to succeed in business school.

At the CU Leeds School of Business, we offer both full time MBA and evening MBA programs. For both programs, we require applicants to take the GMAT or GRE with a preference for GMAT. The GMAT is the most widely-accepted exam as it’s recognized by over 6,000 schools globally.

The GMAT is a 3.5-hour test composed of four sections: analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal. Total GMAT scores range from 200 to 800 points with the majority of people receiving a score of 400 to 600. There are many resources available to help prepare you for the test including study guides and online resources. GMAT testing is offered in many locations across the globe.

GMAT Scores at the CU Leeds School of Business

Admission to our full time MBA and evening MBA program is competitive and we consider many factors when we make admission decisions. Our criteria can be broadly grouped into three categories: academic competitiveness, professional experience and leadership potential. We use GMAT scores as one of the academic factors when we consider applicants. The test needs to be taken within the last five years and if you take the test more than once, we will consider your highest score. Although we don’t have a minimum entrance score, we have standards that we follow and look for the most prepared and competitive students.

In addition to the GMAT exam, we have other MBA admissions requirements such as transcripts, letters of recommendation and essays. See our application checklist for more information about our requirements.

Other Factors in Admission Decisions

While GMAT scores are important, other qualities such as leadership potential might make one applicant a better student than another. In addition to the core areas of study such as finance, marketing and management within both our full time MBA and evening MBA programs, you can choose to specialize in entrepreneurship, real estate or sustainability – areas which require strong leadership skills. Essays, letters of recommendation and interviews help us determine someone’s leadership potential. All of these factors feed into our admission decisions.

Learn more about our MBA admissions requirements and MBA programs at the CU Leeds School of Business.