Published: Oct. 17, 2018

 Leeds MBA Veterans ClubAs I walked into the Veterans Club kickoff meeting, a strong sense of camaraderie along with the smell of pizza hit me in the face. A pretty good combination in my book.

Led by 2nd year MBA and Army Veteran, Brandon Schaefer, along with Vice Presidents, Nick Campion and Zakhar Kravtsov, the meeting began with some quick intros of everyone in the room. What really stood out was the amount of comments, encouraging words, connections and helpful advice thrown out by everyone to help the group as a whole. That was incredibly cool. Club members’ back stories ran the gamut, but notably included a handful of active duty individuals, as well as a few with nearly 20 years of service.

The main focus of the club is to help members with their transition into the civilian world, with an emphasis on career development. The club shared some exclusive deals including Epic Pass and Linkedin discounts which got some ooh’s and aah’s. Leeds MBA Veterans Club

Even better, the resources at Leeds are wide-ranging and deep. To name a few, there is the CU Boulder Student Veterans Association and Veterans Alumni Association, and All carry several helpful resources for veterans as well as put on events throughout the year with ample networking opportunities.

The club will even be hosting a TNO (Thursday Night Out with the whole MBA cohort) in honor of Veteran’s Day, coming up in November!

That’s What They Said:

“I was in the service for four years and have been out for about nine months. Everybody tries to look out for everybody else...if anybody’s having issues we want to help them. We’re all in the same boat.”

John Neblett, MBA ‘20


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