Published: Sept. 24, 2018

Leeds School of Business

Letters of recommendation? Done.
Online Application? Done and done.
Interview? Coming up...

Are you applying to business schools now? If so, there’s a good chance a bunch of you will be prepping for your interviews with schools soon. Because of that, we want to make sure you put your best foot forward when the time comes to interview with us at the Leeds School of Business! Below are six important recommendations to make yourself stand out.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Did you review the School’s website? It’s not necessary to memorize everything, but be sure you know what the school is all about. It doesn’t look good if you ask if they have classes in entrepreneurship if their website’s messaging is all about entrepreneurship. 

PREPARE AND PRACTICE: Don’t take the interview lightly. Consider your MBA or MS interview to be as important as any other job interview you have done in the past. The interview is usually your last opportunity to demonstrate to the admissions team why you need to be a part of the MBA or MS class.

HAVE STORIES AND EXAMPLES READY: Spend time thinking about examples and stories. It’s easy to say you’re great on teams, but having actual examples will really drive the point home. This is also a great way for your personality to come out and demonstrate who you are and what you believe in.

ENGAGE AND ASK QUESTIONS: Admissions professionals understand graduate school is a big decision, so good questions from the interviewee can demonstrate that this is important to them, they have done their research and they have put a lot of thought into applying to Leeds.

BE PROFESSIONAL: While this point is pretty obvious, it, unfortunately, happens a lot!  Look professional - no jeans or crumpled clothes and wear something you’ll be comfortable wearing (if you’re uncomfortable, it will show in the interview). In addition, act professionally as well. Don’t say anything off-color or inappropriate – when you’re nervous, crazy things can come out so be prepared (back to #2 above!). Of course, no gum, cell phones or other distractions (this is especially important if you’re doing a Skype or phone interview).

FOLLOW UP: Send a thank you note – either by email or written, after the interview. Not only do admissions professionals enjoy receiving a thank you note, it’s a great opportunity to add something you forgot to bring up during an interview.

For more info, check out this post for advice during the admissions process with Helen Zucchini, Director of Admissions.


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