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MBA class presidentI had the opportunity to interview our MBA Association President, Alicia Hines, to learn more about why she chose Leeds, what she has done during her time here, and what types of responsibilities go along with the role of class president.

What made you choose Leeds for your MBA?

I was really intentional about going to grad school in a place where I would want to live long term. I knew that I would have the opportunity to build lasting friendships and expand my network during grad school and wanted to be able to apply those connections to my future career. 

Colorado had a lot of positives: it's sunny and gorgeous, the economy is booming here which is attractive for job-seekers, and the local community is open and friendly. When I came on my preview trip to Leeds, I got to see the collaborative culture first hand. I loved that students were helpful with each other and didn't see success as a zero-sum game. All that, and Leeds is the Colorado business school with the strongest reputation in the business community. 

What has been your favorite class so far in the MBA program?

I discovered a passion for marketing here at Leeds, and have really enjoyed all of my marketing classes. I think my favorite has been Digital Marketing with Prof. Laura Kornish. The subject matter was current and practical and Laura was so fun to learn from. 

What did you do for your summer internship?

I worked for Syncroness, an Engineering Consulting Firm just south of Boulder. I was their one-person marketing department over the summer. They gave me a long leash and a lot of support and I was able to do some really cool work. I also was even invited to lead a committee to set the strategic direction for the next two years. It was a great opportunity! 

Describe the responsibilities of being Class President--how do you think it is helping to prepare you to be successful in your post-MBA career?

As the President of the MBA Association, I have the privilege of leading our capable team of student leaders. Together we work on providing programming and networking opportunities for students. I also collaborate closely with the administration to address student concerns and work with them to continue improving the student experience at Leeds.

Being President of the MBAA has been a great experience. I have gotten great experience leading a team, setting a vision, overseeing projects to their completion, and working with people in power to achieve our shared goals. Beyond that, it has given me a platform to build my personal network, which can directly affect my success after graduation. 

What are your career aspirations after the program?

I'm an analytical person with a strong creative streak, and I would love to apply that to marketing in the consumer packaged goods space. I'd be psyched to get a role in brand management, consumer insights, marketing innovation, or marketing strategy. I'm in the process of looking for my post-graduation job now. (Wish me luck!)

What do you think is the biggest strength of the Leeds MBA program?

Easy. It's the collaborative culture that Leeds fosters. Many programs have strong academics, but I don't know of many programs that have the type of camaraderie that we experience at Leeds on top of the academic rigor.