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I love lists, and I hate missing out on awesome things to do. Boulder has so much to offer, it can get overwhelming—so I asked a group of my classmates (some Boulder Natives, some new like me) and this is the list we came up with.

1. Hike the Royal Arch. Round-trip, this hike is 3.2 miles and starts/ends at Chautauqua Park.It’s strenuous—think of a Stairmaster—but provides a great overlook of Boulder and CU.

MBA Blog Arch Blog

2018 Cohort at Royal Arch – July 2017

2. Tubing on Boulder Creek. This is a favorite for hot summer days in Boulder!May through September are traditionally the best months for this.Early in the season the snowmelt water makes for cold temperatures and lots of rapids. Eben G. Fine park is a great spot to start!Need a tube? McGuckin Hardware sells them and will inflate them for you. Don’t miss “Tube to Work Day,” typically in mid-July.

MBA Blog Tubing on Boulder Creek

Classmate Lauren Berger tubes to her summer internship in July 2017

3. Pearl Street Mall. A great central Boulder location for restaurants, bars/breweries, shopping and entertainment. We frequent this area for social gatherings.The Boulder Theater is also located here—we’re looking forward to the upcoming 2017 Warren Miller film tour to get everyone amped up for winter sports.

Pearl St Mall

Pearl Street Mall

4. Biking to get around town. Boulder is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, with more than 300 dedicated miles of bikeways. It’s a great way to commute to school and get around—and also fits our culture of social responsibility.

5. Rayback Collective. A newer establishment in Boulder, Rayback offers a wide variety of beers on tap along with an array of food trucks that changes throughout the week.It has a large, open, park-like outdoor area complete with yard games, a fire pit and picnic tables. We also love Rayback for our Thursday Night Out’s (TNO’s) because it is dog-friendly!