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NickNick Fernandez is a first-year student in the Leeds MBA program. Originally from Mexico City, he has an undergraduate degree in civil engineering and worked in engineering, project development, and corporate finance for six years in the largest construction company in Mexico. Nick is concentrating his MBA in finance and entrepreneurship. He recently secured a summer internship with FTI Consulting.

Why did you choose Leeds?

First, I am a second generation Leeds MBA Student, my parents both got MBA's at the Leeds School of Business. I choose Leeds because it is located in the Boulder-Denver area and I knew of the school’s close ties to Boulder-Denver area businesses. I thought being in a school within the business community of one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. was a great opportunity.

What were you looking for in an internship?

I came to business school to focus and strengthen my financial and accounting skills. I was looking to transition into the financial world, specifically into banking or consulting. I had been working with banks and consulting firms for a while as the client and I wanted to find an internship that could give me experience on the other side of the relationship.

How did you search for the right opportunity?

About a month into the program we had a visit from FTI Consulting who came to introduce their company and internship. I went to the meeting thrilled because I had been working with FTI as a client for the past 8 months during the financial restructure of my company and I really enjoyed working with FTI. After talking with the representatives at the meeting I decided to apply for the position. I went through a three-step process and every time I met the team from the Denver office it confirmed that this was the job I was looking for.

When you found the internships you wanted to apply for, how did you prepare?

I created my CV using the template that was provided in our professional development training. I also wrote a cover letter specific to FTI. I had never before prepared a cover letter and I believe this had a positive impact in my application. A cover letter allows you to tell your story in a more personal way and allows the company to learn why you are interested in working with them. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming MBA student?

Most people don't have a clear idea of what they want, this is OK; but when you apply to a job do it with purpose. It’s your job, people will help with the process but it’s ultimately up to you to seal the deal. Every interview, every event, every person you meet are opportunities to practice.

Have confidence in yourself and trust your abilities especially when you are chasing your dream job.