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1)    What role did cost play in your choice of MBA program?

A relatively large role. I knew I wanted to be in the Denver/Boulder area and considered a few other MBA programs in the area along with CU Boulder. I found that CU Boulder had a strong reputation and was uniquely affordable for the quality of the program.


Nick (tall skiier in the back) and MBA classmates celebrate being done with their first semester of business school with some turns at Keystone last winter!

2)    What research did you do to determine the potential for scholarship funding you could receive for the Leeds MBA? 

Very little entering the program. I budgeted for zero scholarship (I always budget conservatively). I spoke with two second years before the Fall and an administrator and learned about achievement based funding (undergrad GPA and GMAT scores for first year funding and first year performance for second year funding). I hounded the administrator a bit and ended up with 35% of my first year tuition covered. During the first year I worked hard to obtain a high GPA and got involved with a few programs that increased my eligibility. I made sure to keep an open line of communication with the decision makers as well. This all led to 80% tuition coverage for the second year.3)    What proportion of scholarship funding was merit-based vs. need-based vs. other. 

100% merit.

4)    How has the scholarships you've been awarded affected your experience as a Leeds MBA student?


Attending a wedding with his fiancé, Rachel

I’ve been pleased with the receipts. I would very much like to financially support the scholarship programs when I have the means to do so.

5)    Tips or advice for prospective students seeking scholarships?

Don’t rely on the scholarships, I hear they change annually. Make sure to be opportunistic, apply for everything, even if it is a long shot. I think I received a few fellowships just because the applicant pool was so small. Make yourself known in the program and to the scholarship granters!

6) Final thoughts?The Leeds MBA offers a uniquely high-value degree for the affordable cost, especially when considering the savings from in-state tuition, scholarships, potential graduate assistantships, and other financing opportunities. Affordability is one of many great reasons to pursue an MBA at Leeds.


Taking a study break at the Taylor River, Crested Butte, CO