Published: Aug. 10, 2022
Working Hard

If you’re currently working, you may wonder how you can manage going back to school on top of your workload and how you’re going to pay for it. Most MBA programs have a part-time option to allow working professionals to also attend school. Some businesses will even help pay for an employee's education if that education will apply to the work at their current company and other MBA financing options exist.

Leeds Evening MBA Program

Here at the CU Leeds School of Business, we offer a part time or Evening (part-time) MBA program for full-time professionals at our CU Boulder locations The two-year program, beginning in May each year, provides a variety of core courses in areas like finance, marketing, operations and management. We also have electives courses which allow specialization in a specific functional area such as finance, entrepreneurship, marketing or real estate. Our part-time program was designed with flexibility to allow professionals who are already working and have gained real-world business knowledge to complete their degree in a way that fits their schedule. Learn about the MBA admissions process.

Leeds Hybrid MBA Program

The Leeds Hybrid MBA presents an exceptional opportunity to gain a top-ranked education and powerful network—all while balancing your career and personal commitments.

Leeds Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA program delivers the innovative business knowledge and skills you can immediately use to strengthen your company’s competitive advantage—and achieve leadership growth that will accelerate your own career trajectory.

Will Your Employer Pay for an MBA Degree?

Some employers will pay for part or all of an MBA program if it will help the business and there are positions that a business would hire with an MBA. Talk to your Human Resources department to see if there’s a tuition reimbursement policy, and if so, what’s necessary to meet the requirements. Some businesses may have conditions such as requiring an employee to stay at the company for a certain period of time after completing the MBA, paying back the company if the employee decides not to continue, what will and won’t be covered such as books, and other policies.

If your company doesn’t have a tuition reimbursement policy, you can develop a case to try to convince them that it’d be worth their investment, similar to what you might do when asking for a raise. Show them your value, what you’ve accomplished and how it has affected the company’s bottom line, how you plan to fit the program into your current schedule and what you can do for the business with an MBA.

Other Financial Possibilities

Other MBA financing options are possible, such as scholarships, financial aid and loans. At the CU Leeds School of Business, all applicants will automatically have the opportunity to receive merit-based fellowship awards. Other fellowship awards are available through the MBA admissions application process.

Learn more about MBA financing through the CU Leeds School of Business and contact us at with any questions.