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Burridge Conference

The Burridge Center for Finance at the University of Colorado was launched in 1997 with a landmark gift from a CU-Boulder alumnus, Richard Burridge Sr. The center has served as a laboratory to foster research and dialogue affecting those in those in the financial markets. The Burridge center is committed to connecting students, professionals and the school to the happenings in the financial markets globally.

The center hosts a number of activities each year to enhance their visibility to the finance community in Denver and globally. A major event which occurs in the fall of each year is the Burridge Conference. The all-day conference provides attendees with the opportunity to learn from and network with some of the most interesting global finance practitioners and academics. The conference which takes place on the university’s campus hosts a number of luminaries from the world of finance with the most recent conference including the CIO of Goldman Sachs, R. Martin Chavez, and Senior Risk Manager with Blackrock, Dr. Pietro Toscano.

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For students the Burridge Center hosts a number of treks each year for undergraduate and graduate students to connect with firms they might be interested in working with upon graduation. Each year the center brings students to such financial hubs as New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver. These treks range in length of 1 day in Denver to a week in New York with locations and firms varying from year to year. Each year students have been able to land jobs or internships from participating in these trek and are a great resource for any student interested in a career in finance upon graduation.

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In an effort to place students in finance career paths with an ability to contribute to their firm from day 1, the center focuses on educational opportunities for their students. At Koelbel Hall there exists a Bloomberg lab with 11 Bloomberg terminals generously provided by Phillips 66. Students use the terminals in a number of classes offered through the finance department. Furthermore, for students to familiarize themselves with the terminal they can participate in the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) and receive a certificate of completion they can put on their resume to further bolster and differentiate themselves in the labor market.

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Another opportunity provided by the center is for students to begin training for the CFA. The center provides students and finance professionals with CFA exam preparation resources. Furthermore, the university competes in the CFA Institute Research Challenge where students present their analysis and buy/sell/hold recommendations to Charles Schwab Corporation. The final presentation is a culmination of many months of research, interviews and presentation preparation. We are happy to report in the most recent competition, a team from CU-Boulder took first place in the Colorado-Wyoming Region.

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