Published: March 20, 2016
Koelbel Building

Pursuing an MBA from the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business enables one to enhance their career trajectory or pursue a new path in an individualized context. As a full time student you are given the time to explore what you want to do in your professional career with the 55 credit hours of courses. The full time MBA program at the Leeds School of business helps its students gain the necessary skills to compete in a competitive global marketplace with its interdisciplinary focus. Throughout the four semesters you undertake while pursuing your MBA you will study the requisite courses that enable a student to be successful in the world in business either as a valued employee or pursuing your own business as an entrepreneur.

The first semester of the MBA begins in August of every year and is composed of two modules that are seven weeks long each. The curriculum is set as quantitative methods, financial accounting, managerial economics I (microeconomics) and professional development I for the first module. The second module is composed of corporate finance, marketing management and professional development II. This first semester is a primer and, in many cases, the first exposure of many of these areas of business for many students. Even if these topics had been explored in a student’s undergraduate degree it probably has been a few years since these topics had been visited and will lay the groundwork for classes going forward.

The spring semester of the first year in the MBA program has required decision modeling, strategy and two electives of each student’s choosing. The electives is where students will begin to pursue further studies in the career path they wish to undertake, be it entrepreneurship, real estate, finance, sustainability, marketing, systems and operations, management or any combination of these pursuits. Furthermore, students will undertake another seven week module ending in February that includes managerial economics II (macroeconomics) and professional development.

The second year of the MBA program is entirely up to each student’s individual preference.  Both semesters are comprised of 12 credit hours each, roughly four classes for each semester. Again, these electives are designed so students can pursue an area of interest and provide the tools to be successful in the area of interest they wish to pursue upon graduation.

With the upwards of 50 elective courses offered to students at the Leeds School of Business the program will be able to satisfy anyone’s intellectual curiosity. The only problem is finding the time to fit in all the classes one wants to take!