Published: May 3, 2021

Executive MBA studentMy name is Jennifer Weinberger, and I chose to pursue the Executive MBA degree to further my growth as a leader and continue my educational journey. My acceptance to the Executive MBA program is extremely important to me, because it is a testament to the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made during my career. As the daughter of an Ecuadorian immigrant and a second-generation U.S. citizen, my parents set the example of what hard work and dedication looked like. I am the first woman in my family to complete a bachelor’s degree and am proud to continue my education at Leeds.

My career started in retail as a manager and from there I continued to take on more responsibilities, special project assignments in operations and human resources. This led to a discovery of my strengths in driving results and developing my teams, and also to the areas where I had room for growth. Community service and volunteerism has also been a meaningful part of organizations I have worked for. This inspired me to run for an elected official seat in my community.  I wanted to be a part of the growth and policies that would set the direction for the municipality, and I served for 6 ½ years. After serving I realized I wanted to make a career change from the private sector to the public sector. I became an Assistant Town Manager, and, in this role, I discovered my love of coordinating the efforts of the various departments, public service, and being a part of the growth and development of the town. The difference between being an elected official and employee is the difference between giving the “what” to be accomplished as an official and then figuring out the “how” as an employee. This work experience inspired me to choose to pursue an Executive MBA where I can expand my experiences and knowledge.

An Executive MBA allows me to translate my skillset from the workings of a city to the various functions of an organization. For me, the difference between the EMBA program versus the traditional MBA program is all about building on my life and career experiences and truly capitalizing on what I have learned thus far. In the EMBA program I will challenge myself to rise to the next levels of knowledge and leadership.

I look forward to the education I will receive at Leeds and the exciting opportunities made possible by an Executive MBA.

Why did you choose Leeds?

I researched many different programs and schools before I chose to apply to Leeds. I spoke to different admissions recruiters learning about their respective MBA programs, and most were the same online experience. It was not until I spoke to Andrea Young from admissions and Faculty Director Lori Seward that I found the right program for me. When I spoke with Lori, I did not feel like I was just going to be another student in the EMBA program, instead, Lori made me feel like I would be a valued contributor to my cohort, and I would also be enriched by the work experiences and talent of my peers. I would be building on what I have learned over my career thus far and gaining a more well-rounded business skillset. The design of the program is the best of both worlds. I can work my day job while I am in school, but also have the face-to-face time and collaborative opportunities when my cohort is together during the residency weeks. The ability to meet and network with both my professors and cohorts is extremely valuable to me because of the diverse perspectives, experts in their fields, and talent I will be engaging with. After this last year of being home, I am thrilled that I have found the perfect fit with Leeds and I made the investment in myself. As a mom of a high schooler and a freshman in college, I have always put my children and family first. It is my time to put me first and focus on my career and my own evolution.

I see a pathway to my career goals, and it all begins with CU Boulder’s EMBA program.