The increasingly global marketplace, coupled with new communication vehicles such as the Internet, have changed the traditional tactics used in marketing. Today's marketing practitioners must understand the unique challenges of serving foreign markets and how to effectively convey their messages to consumers throughout the world.  Marketing courses develop your analytic and decision-making skills.

Core course:

MBAC 6090 Marketing Management
This course provides a solid foundation of marketing knowledge by focusing on principles of marketing. Introduces the role that marketing cases play in advancing understanding and skill development in the field of marketing. Case discussions illustrate concepts discussed, and case studies are used to introduce the marketing decision-making process. Marketing Management emphasizes the international nature of marketing, as well as the importance of analysis and the understanding of the economic, demographic, political-legal-regulatory, socio-cultural, technological, and natural environments.

Elective courses:

Representational listing; courses will vary by term

MBAX 6331 Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence is a marketing decision-oriented course geared toward gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data about markets and customers. The course is for managers who will be using market research information rather than doing "marketing research." It is intended for people wanting to go into marketing management, consulting, general management, and entrepreneurship. Participants will learn about the sorts of marketing decision problems in which research information might prove useful -- problems of selection of target market, positioning, new product or service introduction, customer retention, pricing, communication, etc. The course has three objectives: learn to define the marketing decision problem and to determine what information is needed to make the decision and what is extraneous; learn how to acquire trustworthy and relevant data and to judge its quality; learn how to analyze the data and acquire the necessary knowledge to make certain classic types of marketing decisions.

MBAX 6311 Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy has developed into an increasingly critical managerial activity as more businesses recognize the importance of a strong market focus and the delivery of superior customer value as bases for competitive advantage and long-term financial success. The first part of the course discusses key elements of a successful marketing strategy including market definition, competitive analysis, market segmentation and product positioning, and the management of key relationships that enable effective strategy implementation. The second part of the course focuses more specifically on one element of a firm’s overall marketing strategy, its branding strategy. The course explores branding principles and examines the branding strategies that firms employ to enhance their market performance.

MBAX 6361 New Product Development HYBRID COURSE DELIVERY:
Provides students with a better understanding of the new-product development process, highlighting the inherent risks and different strategies for overcoming them. Using a combination of lectures, cases, and a project, this course will examine the process of designing, testing and launching new products.

MSBX 5310 Customer Analytics HYBRID COURSE DELIVERY:
Provides a deep understanding of customer centricity and its implications for the firm; state-of-the art methods for calculating customer lifetime value and customer equity; analytical and empirical skills that are needed to judge the appropriateness, performance, and value of different statistical techniques that can be used to address an issue around customer acquisition, development, and retention. Students will use their knowledge of R programming in this course.