Advances in business knowledge and technology have radically changed business systems, organizational structures and business processes. As a result, the ability to provide the right information to the right people at the right time, so that both strategic and operational decisions are made properly and quickly, is critical to today’s businesses. Managing people, managing projects, managing information are all important topics to help you advance in your career.

Core courses:

MBAC 6001 Foundations of Teamwork
Focuses on teamwork effectiveness and collaboration. Students will understand what affects team outcomes, how to maximize a team’s effectiveness and how to create a company environment that fosters collaboration and teamwork as they develop their own teamwork skills while learning to develop the skills of their employees and colleagues.

MBAC 6002 Social, Moral and Economic Foundations for Business
Examines historical context for the rise of modern business institutions and market economies, and interrelationships in various business objectives. Connects how different economic approaches address the allocation of existing and future scarce resources, and how individual economic freedom relates to various societal objectives. Explores concepts of core business relevance including intellectual property, the role of ethics in the production of commercial information, and the value of diverse information sets in decision-making.

MBAC 6003 Foundations of Leadership
Focuses on leadership theories and concepts, including individual and organizational elements in different leadership situations. Explores leadership principles, values, and ethical boundaries, why leaders lose their way and how to avoid derailment. Engages students in developing a leadership brand.

MBAC 6030 Quantitative Methods
Quantitative Methods covers foundations for statistical reasoning and statistical applications in business. Topics include graduate-level treatment of descriptive statistics, probability, probability distributions, sampling theory and sampling distributions, and statistical inference (estimation and hypothesis testing). The course provides an introduction to regression analysis, analysis of variance, time series forecasting, decision analysis, index numbers, and non-parametric methods.MBAC 6050 Strategy
Gives experience with the real-world problems facing general managers while enhancing students' skill at solving complex, real-business problems in strategy. Blends functional with strategic management, and introduces students to the best new thinking in strategy. Integrates previous MBA learning and instills a broadened perspective, competence, and familiarity with good practice in strategic management.

MBAC 6051 Operations Management
Develops an understanding of processes and the alignment of a process with the organization’s operating priorities. Examines how interconnected processes relate to managing supply and demand and stakeholder incentives. Explores services, highlighting the differences and similarities between product and service businesses and considers “c-suite”-level challenges such as managing firm growth, alignment of the operating system with strategic priorities, and mitigating uncertainty through optionality.

MBAC 6052 Capstone Project
Provides students with an opportunity to focus on a specific project that would have a positive strategic impact on the company for which they work. For those who have entrepreneurial aspirations, this project could result in a business plan for a new venture. Final deliverable should address marketing, financial, operational, and management implications and strategic impact. The Strategic Business Projects will be introduced at the beginning of the second year of the program.

Elective Courses:

Representational listing; courses will vary by term

Leadership and Information Analytics Courses

MBAX 6421 IT and Business Strategy
Although some companies are very successful in discovering and cultivating innovative technology-enabled business strategies, many fail in the process. This course combines theories and frameworks with practical approaches to provide students with the skills required to help companies identify business opportunities, find appropriate information related technologies, and lead adoption efforts to success.

Explores and builds skills for conflict management and negotiation problems faced by managers (e.g. dealing with subordinates, peers, superiors, or clients). Content is relevant to all M.B.A. students, especially those interested in management, accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing.

MBAX 6561 Executive Leadership
This course provides an opportunity to examine leadership from the executive perspective in organizations including private and public sector firms, and non-profits. Topics that are covered include how executives lead change and innovation in organizations, interacting with the top management team, dealing with the board of directors, leadership issues involved with governance of the firm, strategies for enhancing executive influence, assessing and understanding diverse leadership styles, and the ethics and responsibilities of the executive leader. A mix of learning activities will be used to cover the material including cases, individual projects, short lectures, guest speakers, video clips, and experiential activities.

MSBX 5415 Advanced Data Analytics HYBRID COURSE DELIVERY:
Explores the capabilities and challenges of data-driven business decision making and prepares students to lead in analytics-driven organizations. Introduces a set of common predictive and prescriptive analytics tools. Students apply the analytics tools to important decisions based on practical data sets from various companies. Analytics software packages are used extensively in the course.

MBAX 6595 Special Topics in Organizational Behavior 


Strategy & Entrepreneurship Courses

MBAX 6441 Project Management
Project Management acquaints the student with multidisciplinary aspects of project management, including the relationship between scope, schedule, cost and performance. The course uses a hands-on project from your own company, providing an opportunity to utilize the qualitative and quantitative tools taught in the classroom. During the course, the student will earn hours toward project management certification from the Project Management Institute.

MBAX 6451 International Business HYBRID COURSE DELIVERY:
Takes a broad comprehensive perspective on managing and operating in a rapidly growing global economy. Explores regional and national approaches to international operations including trade practices; penetration strategies; financial, marketing, services, and manufacturing operations; ethical and sustainability issues; and global competitive strategy. Compares global business practices in Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa.

MBAX 6844 Operations Management
Producing a quality product or delivering a quality service is a fundamental task for any company or organization. Managing the transformation of inputs (raw materials, labor, capital) into outputs (goods and services) falls under the heading of Operations Management. In most organizations, operations comprise 80% of the costs, 80% of the personnel, 80% of the capital employed – the effective and efficient use of these resources is consequently central to the success of any organization. This case-based strategy-oriented course focuses on using operations to compete and win sustainable competitive advantage in your marketplace.

MBAX 6101 Entrepreneurship
Examines the environments of entrepreneurial firms from start-up to development of ventures; allows students to assess their “fit” with entrepreneurial firms. A key element is learning the process of determining the difference between ideas and commercializable opportunities through feasibility analysis and plans. Note: This course is a pre-requisite for Business Plan Preparation.

MBAX 6160 High Growth Companies
Explores the initial decisions that set a foundation for business growth, the pros and cons of alternative growth strategies, organizational scaling tactics, and the keys to realizing value. Studying “adolescent” firms that are past the initial start-up stage but haven't evolved into mature businesses, we will focus on key choices founders face in scaling their businesses, investigating growth-related stumbling blocks and discussing alternative strategies that may be used to overcome these obstacles. 

MBAX 6171 New Venture Creation
In this course, students will be responsible for the completion of a sophisticated business plan within task groups from the concept through all the elements of a professionally written business plan. The course provides students high interaction with businesses and entrepreneurs.