Support services

We recognize that our Evening MBA students have busy lives juggling work, family and graduate school commitments. We provide additional support to minimize the “administrivia” of being a student and allow you to focus on academics.

We register you for classes and one of our staff will be available on the Boulder campus until 6:30 every class evening to answer questions and deal with problems.

Professional development

Your professional development is important to us. Evening MBA students have the opportunity to work with an MBA career advisor, and to take part in the Professional Mentoring Program. Special seminars in business writing, presentation skills or some other topic may be offered to enhance the in-class learning.

Take advantage of the full range of networking, club and social activities that enrich an MBA experience. Evening MBA students have full access to all of these co-curricular activities and we hope you’ll have time to participate. Those students who are able to fit selected activities into their busy lives have benefitted from the expanded network of students and business professionals. Please click here to see the club offerings