Within the MBA curriculum, accounting and finance together prepare students to understand and interpret the financial decisions an organization makes.  

Core course: 

MBAC 6020 Financial Accounting
Introduces the financial reporting system used by business organizations to convey information about their economic affairs. Develops an understanding of the financial reports and what they tell about a business enterprise. Focuses on how alternative accounting measurement rules represent different economic events in financial reports.

Elective course: 

MBAX 6761 Managerial Accounting, Planning & Control
An organization’s long-term competitive success is critically dependent on 1) information about its products, services, processes, organizational units, suppliers, and customers; 2) its ability to act logically on that information, and 3) its ability to rely on this information to motivate employees and control performance. This class introduces managerial accounting, which includes the concepts, models, and systems that provide this information and control.