Barney Ford Silent Auction: The Most Anticipated (and Best) Event of the Year

Barney Ford Silent Auction: The Most Anticipated (and Best) Event of the Year

July 3, 2019

Eigh t first-year Leeds MBA students, six months, zero dollars in the budget, and countless hours of working closely with the administrators at Leeds, after classes and on weekends, all to host one of Boulder’s most exciting events of the year: The Barney Ford Silent Auction 2019 . This year’s...

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Benefits of a Full-Time MBA Program

July 3, 2019

As someone in the Leeds Full-Time MBA Program , I feel adequately qualified to expound on the benefits of a full-time program, as opposed to the benefits of the Evening/Part-Time or Executive Program . Below, I’ve boiled down the biggest full-time MBA benefits, in my opinion, into four buckets: Time,...

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A Day in the Life of an Evening MBA Student

May 13, 2019

Hey there! I’m Mark Harris, a first year in the Leeds Evening MBA program focusing on operations. In addition to taking night classes in Boulder, I work a full time job at a chemical manufacturing plant in Denver, CO. In my (very limited) free time, I like to chase my...

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How to Pick an MBA Concentration at the Leeds School of Business

May 13, 2019

At Leeds, MBA students are encouraged to explore and engage through thought-provoking classes, rousing networking events and myriad opportunities for hands-on experience. Unlike many other MBA programs who focus on MBA specializations or concentrations, we offer MBA Program Emphasis Areas , that do not silo or constrain our students into...

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Common MBA Application Mistakes

May 7, 2019

When applying to an MBA program , it’s easy to overthink the process and unintentionally undersell yourself and your accomplishments. Often, it’s the stress of completing the application itself, which can result in typos or grammatical errors, affect its cohesiveness or cause total writer’s block. Knowing what to avoid at...

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A Well Told Story… Leeders of Tomorrow

May 1, 2019

A well told story is capable of transcending a listener from actively engaging to living in someone else’s experience. A vivid description can help set the scene. A change in tone from a whisper to a loud boom right after a long pause can build great suspense. It can provide...

Career Success through an MBA

Persuade, Collaborate & Empower: Career Success through an MBA

March 7, 2019

We have heard it before. That career success comes from a mix of hard and soft skills. What does that actually mean? More specifically, what does that mean in an MBA context? As an MBA career coach, I am particularly excited to be in my position during such an inflexion...

Net Impact Case Competition 2019

Strong Teams Highlight Lively 19th Annual Net Impact Case Competition

Feb. 27, 2019

Do you remember back in October when the CU Net Impact Club ventured to Phoenix, AZ to attend the 2018 Net Impact Conference? Besides hearing from amazing speakers and networking with countless businesses and MBA students from around the world, the club was also recruiting teams for the 19th Annual...


How to Study for the GMAT

Feb. 22, 2019

So, you’re thinking about heading back to business school to earn an MBA or MS degree? Great! Hopefully you’re considering the Leeds School of Business as a potential fit. As you probably already know, several components comprise a successful business school application , but the GMAT (or GRE) test score...

Leeds Full-time MBA vs. Evening MBA: What’s the Difference?

Leeds Full-time MBA vs. Evening MBA: What’s the Difference?

Feb. 13, 2019

There are a lot of factors that go into what type of MBA program you choose. At the CU Leeds School of Business , there are two roads that you can take when pursuing an MBA. Both options will lead to a degree, but which is right for you? Learn...