Yonca Ertimur
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty • Tandean Rustandy Esteemed Professor • Professor

Koelbel - 401N

Yonca Ertimur is the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and the Tandean Rustandy Esteemed Professor. Prior to her current role, Ertimur served as the Acting Dean of the Leeds School of Business and as the Chair of the Accounting Division. She is an Editor at the Review of Accounting Studies and an Associate Editor at the Journal of Accounting Research.

Ertimur earned her PhD at New York University in 2003, her MBA at the University of Rochester in 1998, and her BS in Business Administration at Bosphorus University in 1992. Before joining Leeds, Ertimur was an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Duke University (2006 – 2012) and Stanford University (2003 – 2006).

Ertimur’s teaching interests and experience include financial accounting and graduate seminars in MBA and Ph.D. programs, and she was recognized with the MBA Teaching Excellence Award in 2015 and 2017. Her research focuses on two major themes. The first is corporate governance and the impact of direct monitoring by shareholders via shareholder voting in resolving agency problems. The second is the production and disclosure of information by firms and by intermediaries who provide information and advice to investors to guide their investment decisions.

Ertimur’s work has appeared in such publications as the Journal of Accounting and EconomicsJournal of Accounting ResearchManagement ScienceReview of Accounting Studies, and Review of Financial Studies.