Matthew Brady
Teaching Assistant Professor
Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics

Koelbel - 465C


Matt Brady is an Instructor in the Organizational Leadership & Information Analytics (OLIA) department at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. As part of the HumanCentered program that Matt runs to promote building ethics & empathy into innovation, he has created curricula on digital transformation and business technology. These courses include Low-Code for Citizen Developers and Customer Success with Salesforce CRM. He also teaches Leadership in the Digital Age, frequently sponsors Independent Study, and has earned the Online Teaching Academy credential. Matt serves as the Faculty Advisor to the CU Salesforce Student Group (the first such group in the world). In his first year on the faculty, Matt launched the Low-Code Hackathon, providing students with design thinking and agile development experience (and cash) while also delivering working SaaS applications (and cash) benefiting non-profit organizations in the Boulder, Golden, and Denver communities.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur. His latest startup is Volley Solutions, a collaborative decision optimizationTM platform that helps organizations make important decisions using information instead of intuition. He is actively collaborating on projects in #Analytics #DataScience #DecisionAnalysis #DecisionMaking #DecisionQuality #DecisionScience. Matt has had five successful exits across FinTech, IoT, Energy, and HRTech, including three of which he held an executive role, and serving as a director, investor, and/or advisor to the others. The breadth of Matt’s experience with fundraising and liquidity events includes equity rounds from angel investors and venture capital firms, IPO, acquisition by a strategic buyer, as well as acquisition and recapitalization by private equity firms. He is an experienced CEO as well as a “player-coach” in the areas of Management & Strategy, Innovation, and M&A. Matt is a frequent speaker on next-generation leadership, customer success, and decision science. He has extensive speaking experience in venues from boardrooms to industry conferences to community-building events. He is a passionate builder of people and organizations.


MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

BS, Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Purdue University


  • Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative – awarded a grant and selected as a Faculty Ambassador for the 2022-2023 academic year, delivering seminars on the ethical imperative and competitive advantage of high-quality decision-making
  • Vistage Speakers Bureau – providing training to their global network of CEOs and Executives called "Decide Better: Decision Science for Leaders"
  • Society of Decision Professionals – industry conference presentation entitled "The Frontiers of Decision-Making: Innovations & Applications at the Leading Edge"
  • INFORMS – industry conference presentation entitled "Emerging Analytics - a showcase of the most innovative uses of analytics to support decision-making"


Currently offering courses in Business Analytics & Information Management (BAIM), Business Administration (BADM), and Management (MGMT):