Joshua Nunziato
Teaching Assistant Professor • Faculty Director of the Daniels Fund
Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Koelbel - 468B

Dr. Joshua S. Nunziato is Assistant Teaching Professor in the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Division of the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder. He teaches courses on sustainability, business ethics, and ethical leadership to EMBA, MBA, and undergraduate students. Joshua is also Campus Leader for the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at Leeds, a grant-funded project to deliver innovative, experiential education about principles-based ethics in professional decision-making. 

Dr. Nunziato's research examines how marketplace exchanges mediate human goods like intimacy, solidarity, justice, and flourishing that cannot, themselves, be bought or sold. For instance, his first book (Cambridge University Press: 2020) considers how sacrifice—enacted through marketplace transactions—either serves or undermines the common good. He has argued in Business Ethics Quarterly (2019) that business exchanges catalyze moral self-development. In various other articles—now under review or in development—Nunziato tackles a wide range of management and consumer behavior topics ranging from sex work to psychedelics and whistleblowing to pop music. Each topic provides a different lens onto the question of how human values irreducible to marketplace value are nevertheless mediated through exchange. Ultimately, acknowledging such mediation is vital for creating a more sustainable world.

Joshua earned his PhD in philosophy from Villanova University. He enjoys yoga, climbing, skiing, and playing spikeball with his son.