Heather Clark Leeds School of Business
Operations Management and Studio Arts
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Niwot, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Operations Management and Studio Arts
Involvement: Boulder freeride, Leeds Scholars, YAM program
Hobbies: Skiing, painting, traveling, cooking, baking, writing blogs, yoga

For me, Leeds Scholars was a (very) happy accident. When I joined, there was no set curriculum and, honestly, I wasn't totally sure of what it even was. Needless to say, the Leeds Scholars program has exeeded every expectation I had. I have made wonderful friends, been introduced to incredible connections that lead to future jobs, traveled the world, and found a group of people within CU that are highly motivated and passionate about what they are doing. Really, what more could you ask for? To say that the Leeds Scholars Program has impacted my CU experience would be a vast understatement. The Leeds Scholars Program has dominated my Leeds experience in the best way possible.