Published: Aug. 3, 2023

The Graduate School of Banking Colorado partners with Leeds on a custom executive leadership program

Image of students of the Leeds School of business custom executive leadership program with the Graduate School of Banking

This summer, University of Colorado Boulder welcomed the Graduate School of Banking Colorado (GSBC) back to CU Boulder for its Annual School Session, a three-year curriculum with two-weeks of instruction each year. The curriculum is designed for seasoned banking professionals to increase their knowledge of banking, develop as leaders, learn how to effect change and think strategically about bank management.

In addition to the school session, alumni of the program are also invited back each year to campus to reflect on the education and receive new instruction during the three-day Community Bankers Summit at Leeds. For the past two years, Leeds has partnered with GSBC to offer an exclusive executive leadership certificate to GSBC alumni, complete with a digital credential. This program utilizes curriculum from the Leeds executive leadership program in tandem with GSBC to build on leadership concepts delivered annually during the annual school session.

GSBC provides keynote speakers and brings in educators and consultants to discuss key banking issues affecting the industry, including

representatives from federal regulatory agencies.

Image of students of the Leeds School of business custom executive leadership program with the Graduate School of Banking“Partnering with Leeds allows for the opportunity for continued professional development for our alumni,” said Josie Bunch, GSBC’s vice president of strategy and experience. “This program complements and elevates our curriculum in leadership from the school sessions as we prepare our alumni for taking the next step in refining their leadership journey.”

Each year, the summit is made up of more than 50 professionals and graduates from the Annual School Session, current and rising bank leaders with a commitment to leadership and pride in continuing education to effect change in their careers.

“GSBC and Leeds share a commitment to creating pathways for developing leaders,” said Leeds Professor Russell Cropanzano. “Providing our expertise in areas of leadership like crisis management, ethical climate and diversity management is a great way to enhance the existing leadership curriculum provided for banking professionals.”

CU Boulder has hosted GSBC on campus since 1950 when the Colorado Bankers Association and the University of Colorado Boulder Board of Regents co-sponsored the organization and operation. GSBC is one of only six organizations of its kind in the country, and for the past 70 years, GSBC brings around 600 banking professionals to campus every year from more than 40 states across the country. To date, the community graduates around 170 professionals each year and has over 8,000 graduates since its founding.

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