evan peleaux CU MBA candidate


  • Flexible: I enjoy the dynamic feel of startups and thrive in the fast-paced way they can operate.
  • Problem Solver: Thinking outside the box and attacking problems from many different angles as part of a team or an individual is something I really enjoy. If there aren’t tasks immediately available I’m not afraid of finding my own projects to work on.
  • Focused: I enjoy the flow that comes from grinding away at a problem. When I put my mind to something it’s hard for me to get distracted.


  • Being able to have a large impact on the formation and growth of a company.
  • The community of like-minded people that are trying to make something special from the ground up. I love the difficulty of starting a business and the feelings that come with growing with it and watching it succeed. The failures make the successes that much sweeter.
  • I’m very interested in the finance and marketing sides of high growth ventures.


  • Working in a startup that is poised for high growth. Learning about how they plan to scale and helping them along the way with any problems they have, anticipated and not.
  • After graduation I hope to continue to work with startups in Boulder and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • After a couple years of working on other people’s ideas and learning from their failures and successes, I’d like to start my own venture and continue contributing to the community however I can


I want to impact the world by creating meaningful relationships through business and becoming someone that people rely on to get shit done. Eventually I’d like to start my own businesses with people I meet along the way.