Board Compliance

ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IS A RESPONSIBILITY. There is no sharp line separating your company’s financial risks from its ethics and sustainability risks. Thus, against the backdrop of major social and economic transitions, corporate compliance and ethics programs are more crucial than ever before. They’re also evolving quickly. As the responsibilities of governance change, corporations must have directors who manage organizational risk well by exercising responsible accountability, oversight, and control. Doing so can also promote a healthier corporate culture. More than ever, business leaders find themselves under a microscope. Every decision matters. How organizations interact with their stakeholders shapes brand reputation, employee retention, community credibility and the bottom line. Thus, inclusively sustainable corporate governance is quickly becoming a competitive advantage.

Ethical Leadership for Corporate Directors is a program that equips current and aspiring corporate directors with critical tools, powerful insights, and essential knowledge to strengthen their oversight of corporate compliance and ethics programs while promoting sustainable strategy and a high-integrity corporate culture. Participants will also find curated space for challenging conversations about how to take the next step in their own development as leaders committed to inclusive, adaptable, and high-integrity vision-casting on behalf of their organizations.