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Raised in Loveland, Colorado, with the mountains as his playground, Noah Purdom found his passion in mountain biking. This passion didn't just shape his hobbies; it guided his early foray into entrepreneurship. Working in bike shops during high school, he learned the trade and economics of biking, eventually starting his own venture selling bike parts. This enterprise helped him fund hisNoah Purdom first semester at the University of Colorado, a dream inspired by an unforgettable childhood experience at a CU football game. In this pivotal moment, he knew CU was where he belonged, and continued his journey in Colorado at Leeds School of Business. His journey from mountain trails to university halls next led him to the founding of Bravado Whiskey.

The Birth of Bravado Whiskey  

In a refreshing twist on tradition, Noah dares to reimagine whiskey for the modern drinker, drawing inspiration from a cherished family connection. The journey began with a love for whiskey passed down from a grandfather, igniting a passion for innovating in an industry ripe for change. He has always had a passion for whiskey, and during his ventures through the whiskey aisles, he noticed a pattern: most brands seemed to adhere to a set of unwritten rules dictating the appearance and taste of whiskey. Challenging this status quo, he saw an immense opportunity to introduce something truly unique to the market. This sparked a bold idea: why not create a whiskey that stands out, one that speaks directly to younger drinkers?

His idea wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about capturing the essence of a new generation. Surprisingly, Millennials and Generation Z make up more than half of whiskey consumers, signaling a shift in the market. The goal became clear: craft a whiskey that resonates with the values and tastes of these younger consumers, featuring a clean, minimalist design and a name that breaks from convention. It challenges the strong, harsh stereotypes of whiskey, offering a gentler, more enjoyable experience. Tastings confirm it: people are surprised by how smooth it is, without the expected burn.

Creating the perfect whiskey meant finding the right flavor—a smooth, slightly sweeter profile that would appeal to a broader, younger audience. This required partnering with a Colorado distillery that shared the vision and could bring this unique taste to life. The result? A whiskey that's not only easy on the palate but also embodies the spirit of Colorado. 

Starting with savings accumulated throughout college, he launched an initial batch of 1,200 bottles to test the waters. Encouraged by the strong early momentum, he has since initiated a pre-seed funding round to fuel further growth and develop a distinctive and exciting product for the next batch.

Innovation in Distillation

Creating a whiskey with a unique flavor profile is both an art and a science, a journey through tradition, innovation, and collaboration. At the heart of this process is the delicate balancing of Bravado Whiskey Bottleingredients, the choice of aging methods, and the expertise of industry veterans.

The journey begins in the distillery, where the raw ingredients are transformed into spirits. The choice of grains, corn, malted barley, rye, and wheat, plays a vital role in defining the whiskey's character. The proportion of these grains determines the foundational flavor of the whiskey, a decision made through experimentation and expertise.

In crafting his distinctive whiskey, Noah collaborated with the head of the judging panel of the International Whiskey Competition, Together, they explored and tested various grain percentages to find the perfect blend. The next crucial step is deciding the aging process. The length of time whiskey spends in barrels significantly influences its taste, color, and aroma. Opting for a four-year aging period, they chose to use slightly smaller barrels to enhance the whiskey's maturation. The smaller barrel size increases the spirit's contact with the wood, accelerating the aging process and imparting a complexity to the whiskey that mimics a spirit aged for six or seven years.

This meticulous approach to aging and grain selection has culminated in a whiskey that stands out for its smoothness and sweetness. The increased wood contact during the aging process not only speeds up maturation but also adds depth to the flavor, resulting in a whiskey that offers a sophisticated taste experience.

Bravado Whiskey is a non-distilling producer, meaning they contract out the distilling process to local Colorado-based distilleries. This puts the brand in a unique position where they are not married to a single product and can taste different barrels and pick and choose the highest quality barrels, which is then blended and finished further. This allows for a top-tier product and a dynamic company structure where our working capital is maximized and not limited by the years of aging required for good whiskey.

“The process has so many variables that can affect the final product for better or worse, but that is the beauty of it.”

Looking Ahead: Fueling Growth and Embracing the Future 

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey of launching a whiskey brand, the founder finds themselves at a critical juncture: raising a pre-seed fund to fuel growth and expansion. Currently, their whiskey is stocked in 20 stores, with 10 more awaiting shipments. With the first batch of whiskey nearly sold out, the demand is clear, and the pre-seed funding aims to increase production and broaden distribution.

The funds raised will not only support the creation of the next few batches of whiskey but also allow for the hiring of sales representatives, a crucial step for a brand looking to establish a more Noah Purdom significant presence in the market. Up until this point, the financial backing has largely come from friends, family, and a handful of angel investors. The goal is to close the funding round by the end of March, setting the stage for the next phase of growth.

Looking to the future, Noah envisions transforming his whiskey brand into a modernized craft spirit that resonates with today's generation. He aims to shake off the dust of tradition, showing that whiskey isn't just a relic from their grandfather's era but a vibrant and dynamic product that appeals to contemporary tastes. The aspiration is to embrace modern trends, from minimalist design to innovative flavor profiles, and create a whiskey that captures the essence of craftsmanship while appealing to a broad audience.


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