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Mackenzie Culver and Rhiannon Martin posing with their backs together at a table.

Mackenzie Culver and Rhiannon Martin posing with their backs together at a table.

Picture yourself in the heart of Boulder's vibrant entrepreneurial scene, where link-minded students show you how to gain practical, real-world skills with resources and hands-on experiences. In January 2022, the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship set out to do just that: have undergraduate students show undergraduate students what they can do! Meet the Deming Ambassadors. This group of current University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) undergraduate students love entrepreneurship and connecting their peers with opportunities every semester at the Leeds School of Business and beyond. Originally started in the Spring 2022 semester, the Deming Center has had five ambassadors to date who support students as they launch businesses and share how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. Learn more about this year’s Deming Ambassadors!

Rhiannon Martin enjoying the Colorado fall colors.Sustainable Retail Innovation

An inaugural Deming Ambassador, Rhiannon Martin first got involved with the Deming Center in 2022 while she was founding her second-hand clothing business on Instagram several years ago. Rhiannon is currently a college senior studying business analytics and information management and has been a Deming Student Ambassador for the past two years. Since then, she has been working towards a more sustainable future for retail. She participated in Startup Summer, a summer program through Silicon Flatirons to guide budding entrepreneurs through the ideation process to build out their ventures. Alongside her two co-founders, her idea for a circular business model for children’s clothing rentals placed third in the concluding pitch competition. Her idea, named Neighborhood Knits, has continued to evolve through the New Venture Creation course this semester into a non-profit organization to provide free clothing to children in Boulder County who need it the most. Outside of CU Boulder, Rhiannon loves to snowboard, hike, backpack, drink copious amounts of coffee, and watch Gilmore Girls.Mackenzie Culver wearing a cowboy hat in a university classroom giving a presentation.

Environmentally-Friendly Fashion

Mackenzie Culver is a Leeds School of Business sophomore studying marketing and business analytics. She has been involved in the Deming Center for nearly a year and is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi and CU Fashion Club. Growing up in Colorado Springs has given Mackenzie a love for the outdoors and its preservation. Her ultimate goal is to find ways to reduce the waste attributed to the fashion industry - by taking what companies currently call “trash” and transforming it into “treasure.” Alongside the other ambassadors, she loves to inspire and encourage students to pursue their passions in entrepreneurship and become active members of the Deming community. When she’s not studying in Leeds, Mackenzie can be found at your local thrift store, in a tree, watching conspiracy theories or drinking a mint yerba mate.

Athletics and Body PositivitySean Boselli posing in front of a lake with mountains behind it.

Sean Boselli is a Leeds School of Business sophomore focusing on studying entrepreneurship & strategy and real estate. Originally from Vail, Colorado, Sean came to CU Boulder to strengthen his understanding of business and explore various post-graduation avenues. He has excitement for all things business and has a passion to help others discover their callings. In the future, Sean dreams of owning and operating a retail gym that helps people reach their fitness goals and create positive change in people’s lives and wellness. Most recently, he interned at BODY20, a boutique fitness studio that utilizes electro-muscle stimulation suits to maximize muscle contractions and minimize the wear and tear traditional gym equipment causes. Sean loves helping others start businesses that drive positive global impact. When Sean’s not in the Deming Center, you can find him skiing the Colorado slopes, playing video games or traveling. To date, he has visited over 30 countries.

The Deming Center Ambassadors love coming up with new ideas and supporting CU Boulder students. Interested in learning more? Come visit the Deming Center in KOBL 234 or join us at one of our many events!


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